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Clients / Company Profile

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The tasks the company is capable are:
  • Environmental Licensing, seismic, petroleum and harbour, among other activities;
  • Environmental Assessment and Monitoring, for Petroleum and harbour activities;
  • Vessel configuration for Environmental Monitoring and Data Sampling - optimizing logistics and reducing global costs - operational and project related;
  • Environmental Programs, requested by the brazilian environmental agency-Ibama:
  • Fisheries Monitoring;
  • Marine Mammals and Biota Monitoring, for Seismic and Drilling activities;
  • Waste and Pollution Management (onboard and on installations ashore);
  • Social Communication Programs for the coastal communities;
  • Environmental Education Programs;
  • Socio-Environmental Projects, to accomplish your legal obligations.
  • Marine Hydrographic, Oil and Mud Dispersion Modelling;
  • Hydrographic, Bathymetric and Topographic studies and services;
  • Macro, Regional and Local Environmental Diagnosis;
  • Risk and HazOp Analysis;
  • Individual Emergency Plan, for Oil Spill events;
  • Oceanographic and Marine Biota Surveys;
  • Environmental and Safety Training;
  • Environmental Auditing.

The latest clients and jobs carried on by Hidrosfera were:

  • PETROBRAS: Fisheries Catch Monitoring Program for Seismic Assessment in BM-SEAL-9 Block, SE, ELPN/IBAMA licensing activity - (2006 - ongoing);
  • Petrobras: Individual Emergency Plan, Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Map and Analysis for the drilling unit SS-53 activity in BM-C-3 block, RJ (2005 - ongoing);
  • Transnave: Individual Emergency Plan of Transnave shipyard , RJ (2005);
  • Internave: Oceanographic Assessment for current measuring data sampling on the submarine effluent dute sites of Santos and Praia Grande, SP, (2005 - 2006);
  • PETROBRAS: EIA-RIMA (Environmental Impact Assessment / Relatory) for Transition Zone Seismic Assessment in Serra, Aratum e Macau Blocks, Potiguar Basin, and ELPN/IBAMA environmental licensing - ongoing;
  • PETROBRAS: Environmental Auditing Relatory for Marine E&P area devolution of the Evaluation Plan 1-BRSA-18-ESS (Campos Basin) to ANP (2005);
  • PETROBRAS: Final Environmental Activity Relatory referent to Seismic Assessment in POT 11 Block, Potiguar Basin, to ELPN//IBAMA, with Okeanos (2005);
  • PETROBRAS: Evaluation Report of the Acoustic Decay Experiment referent to Seismic Assessment in POT 11 Block, Potiguar Basin, included on the Final Environmental Activity Relatory delivered to ELPN/IBAMA (2005);
  • MTL Engenharia : Environmental Impact Evaluation of H2S gas emissions of Fazenda Alegre Production Unit, Espírito Santo Basin, related to ES state environmental licensing - SEAMA / IEMA - (2005);
  • Analytical Solutions: Environmental Monitoring campaings required from ELPN / Ibama for drilling activities in several blocks of Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo Basins, developing oceanographic, water, sediment and fauna data sampling, besides Marine Biota Monitoring (2004 / 2005);
  • CGG do Brasil / Petrobras : implementation of the Social Communication Program (PCS) on CGG's marine seismic project for Block BM POT 11 (Rio Grande do Norte state), developed by M/V Harmattan CGG, along with Okeanos, our partner in this project. Additional projects to take effect will be the fisheries characterization and the beach and fishing catches monitoring - 2005;
  • BP : Environmental Monitoring (bottom sampling with adquired box-core and low cost dedicated ships - hardware configurated by Hidrosfera) and Environmental Mitigation Programs (Biotic, Fisheries, Waste Management and Worker's Environmental Training) onboard the Drilling Ship Jack Ryan, for ELPN / Ibama, related to block BM FZA 1' drilling, Foz do Amazonas basin. Final Environmental Activity Relatory delivered to ELPN/IBAMA relative to the activities above (2004/2005);
  • Petrobras : Environmental Auditing for 18 Marine Exploratory Petroleum Blocks' Devolution, according to ANP' Regulation 114 (brazilian National Petroleum Agency) concerning Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo Basins. Environmental auditing for the exploratory continental block BPAR-10, with Field Evaluation;
  • CGG : development and implementation of the Social Communication Program (PCS) on CGG's marine seismic projects for Blocks BM CE 1 and 2 (Ceará state) and BM BAR 1 and 3 (Maranhão state); The company is responsible also for the Seismic Activities Environmental Relatory for the Barreirinhas Basin (BM BAR 1 and BM BAR 3 Blocks - Maranhão state), delivered to Ibama. Implementation of the Social Communication Program for Block BM S 3. Actually developing a PCS in the Espirito Santo Basin, along with the company Okeanos, our partner in this project;
  • El Paso : development and implementation of requested Environmental Mitigation Programs for El Paso drilling activities on BS 1 Block, Santos Basin:
  • Social Communication Program, Workers' Environmental Training, Pollution Control Program and Rig Deactivation Program; instalation Inspections and Adaptations for the Environmental Programs;
  • Petrobras : development of the Preliminar Risk Analysis and accomplishment of the RJ FEEMA (state agency) Previous Environmental License for the new Petrobras jet fuel station of Santos Dumont airport, RJ;
  • Veritas : Fisheries Monitoring, Workers', Environmental Training and Waste Segregation Management Programs onboard a seismic vessel;
  • PGS : development of the requested Environmental Mitigation Programs for marine seismic activities for several blocks on Santos, Campos, Espírito Santo, Camamu-Almada, Jequitinhonha, Sergipe-Alagoas e Pará-Maranhão Basins This Programs are: Fisheries Monitoring, Workers' Environmental Training and Waste Segregation Management Programs onboard PGS seismic vessels and chase boats, and execution of the Social Communication Program onshore RJ state, dealing with the fishing and coastal communities;
  • ENSR // Devon Energy : Marine Biota Monitoring program, developed onboard drilling rig;
  • Analytical Solutions // BP / Petrobrás / Shell : Environmental Monitoring requested by the brazilian Office for Petroleum Environmental Licensing, ELPN / Ibama, for drilling activities in Santos, Campos, Espírito Santo and Foz do Amazonas Basins;
  • Internave: Bathymetric Survey for maintenance dredging and draft increase of the main access channel to Superporto and Rio Grande harbours, Rio Grande, RS (2002);
  • Petrobras / ASATM : data assessment and regional management of the project Oil Dispersion Modelling, for coastal and inshore waters' terminals of Petrobras - South brazilian region.
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